Tourism Taxes: What Travellers Need to Know for 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Tourism taxes are expected to be raised this new year, with popular destinations like Amsterdam and Venice introducing fees.
  • New fees are being introduced in order for these destinations to raise funding and combat over-tourism or reach their green goals.
  • European countries usually include tourist taxes in accommodation fees, and those can vary in the number of days spent at a destination, the destination’s popularity, season, and hotel stars.

Travellers are expected to pay higher tourism taxes to several European destinations in 2024 as national economies try to boost local economies and support sustainability.

According to a 2020 report by Group NAO and GDS-Movement, more countries are imposing tourism taxes lately, especially in the US and Europe, reports.

Guy Bigwood from the Global Destination Sustainability Movement says that more destinations are creating sustainability initiatives, and by imposing such fees, they can generate more funding to reach their green goals.

Tourism taxes and especially assessments or levies can help with this.

Guy Bigwood from the Global Destination Sustainability Movementnone

He also suggests that as tourism rates are returning to pre-pandemic levels, authorities are considering taxes and assessments as tools to control numbers.

In Greece, a hike in an existing hotel tax will help fight natural disasters caused by climate change. In Dubrovnik, a tariff imposed on cruise ships will help improve the ancient city’s infrastructure. Here is a list of destinations that will impose new tourism taxes in Europe.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, which already imposes Europe’s highest tourism tax, plans to increase the prices in 2024. The city will raise the hotel room tax from seven to 12.5 per cent, and the tariff for cruise-ship passengers will jump from €8 to €11 per person per day.

According to Hester van Buren, Amsterdam’s deputy mayor for finance. the increased revenue will be allocated to combat the consequences of over-tourism, maintain cleanliness, and solve neighbourhood issues.

Barcelona & Valencia, Spain

Barcelona is set to increase its municipal tourism tax in April 2024, focusing on attracting high-value tourism over mass tourism. The tax, currently €2.75 per night, will rise to €3.25, while Valencia will also introduce a tourist tax, which varies from 50 cents to €2 per night. The tax is applicable to all of the regions of Valencia.


It is confirmed that Iceland will introduce a tourist tax in 2024, but the exact amount is yet to be determined. Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir says that the fee will be reasonable and contribute to sustainability programs, aligning with Iceland’s goal to become carbon-neutral by 2040.

Olhão, Portugal

Olhão, the largest fishing port in Portugal’s Algarve region, started charging a tourist tax in June 2023, with half of the revenue allocated to combat the negative impact of tourism. According to the measure, visitors will have to pay €2 per night during the high season and €1 during the rest of the year.

Venice, Italy

Tourists to Venice may face a €5 fee in 2024 on 30 non-consecutive days, as the city is dedicated to managing mass tourism. The fee applies to visitors over 14 years old and will be implemented through a digital portal with a downloadable QR code.


Denmark plans to introduce a “passenger tax” for flights in 2025, charging air travellers around €8.4 for flights within Europe, €32 for medium-distance flights, and €51 for long-distance flights by 2030. The revenue will be allocated for the use of 100 per cent sustainable fuels on domestic flights.

European Union

Starting in 2025, non-EU residents entering Europe without special visa requirements will need to register through the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), costing about €7 per person. This electronic visa waiver aims to strengthen border security and protect EU citizens.

Country Where does the tax apply? How is the price calculated? Price
Austria Vienna, Salzburg Based on destination, nights spent and visitation season. €3.2
Belgium Bigger cities like Brussels, Burges and Antwerp Number of nights spent, destination, rate per room and hotel ratings. €7.50
Bulgaria All hotels Destination and hotel ratings. €1.50
Croatia All destinations Mainly based on season. €1.33
Czechia Prague Destination, per person, per nights spent. less than €1
France All country Destination, per night spent and hotel ratings Up to €4
Germany Bigger cities Destination, hotel ratings 5% of hotel bill
Greece All destinations Hotel stars, number of rented rooms. €4
Hungary Budapest Destination and nights spent. 4% of price room
Italy Popular destinations Destination, nights spent, type of room. Between €3 and €7 per night.
Netherlands All country Destination and hotel ratings. 7% of room price
Portugal 13 Municipalities Destination, nights spent €2
Slovenia All country Destination, hotel rating €3
Spain Popular destinations Destination, visitor’s age, nights spent, hotel ratings, season. €4
Switzerland All country Location, per night, per person. €2.20

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